Internet of Thing Technology
(Fall 2017)(Fall 2018)(Spring 2019)(Fall 2019)
Communication Network Experiment
(Spring 2011)(Spring 2012)(Spring 2013)(Spring 2014)(Spring 2015)(Spring 2016)(Spring 2017)(Spring 2018)(Spring 2019)
Digital Home Platform Standard and Architecture
(Fall 2009)(Fall 2010)(Fall 2011)(Fall 2012)
Discrete Mathematics
(Fall 2008)(Fall 2009)
Distributed Network Systems
(Spring 2010)(Fall 2010)(Fall 2011)(Fall 2012)(Fall 2013)(Fall 2014)(Fall 2015)(Fall 2016)(Fall 2017)(Fall 2018)(Fall 2019)
Linear Algebra
(Fall 2010)(Fall 2011)(Fall 2012)(Fall 2013)(Fall 2014)
Microcomputer w/ Assembly Language
(Fall 2008)
Mobile Data Dissemination
(Spring 2008)(Spring 2009)(Spring 2012)(Spring 2013)(Spring 2014)
Network Programming
(Spring 2008)(Spring 2009)(Spring 2010)(Spring 2011)(Spring 2012)(Spring 2013)(Spring 2015)
Personal Communication System
(Spring 2013)