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Thesis:A study on replication-based routing schemes in delay-tolerant networks: simulation and performance comparison
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Thesis:Messages Forwarding with Ferries in Delay Tolerant Networks
Master students 2012
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Thesis:Message Forwarding with Dynamic Cluster Awareness in Delay-Tolerant Networks
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Thesis:A Media Convergence Platform across Multiple Devices: Design and Implementation
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Thesis:Using Stationary Relay Nodes (Thrown Boxes) to Optimize Message Forwarding Performance in Delay-Tolerant Networks
Master students 2011
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Thesis:RSU-Assisted Message Broadcasting in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
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Thesis:Using Data Aggregation Techniques for Performance Improvement of Data Packet Transmissions in Vehicular Networks
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Thesis:A Routing Scheme Based on Human Mobility Patterns in Delay-Tolerant Networks
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Thesis:An Efficient Clustering Scheme at Crossroads in Vehicular Network Environments
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Thesis:Density-Aware Routing Scheme in Delay Tolerant Networks
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Thesis:A Novel Remix Qualification Algorithm for Network Coding Based Data Dissemination in Delay-Tolerant Networks
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Thesis:On Analyzing Message Delivery Time for Efficient Routing Designs in Delay Tolerant Networks
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Thesis:Downloading-side Network Resource Adaptation and Performance Measurement in BitTorrent P2P File Systems
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Thesis:A Topic-based Event Monitor on Online RSS News Streams
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Thesis:A Simple Mechanism for Seamless Media Streaming and Playing Services in Home Networks
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Thesis:An Integrated Home Media Gateway for P2P and UPnP Content Sharing:Design and Implementation
Master students 2008
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Thesis:Feature-based Similarity Search Approach in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Network
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Thesis:HiCO: A Mobile Peer-to-Peer Overlay with Cluster-Based Reputation Hierarchy